The 2022 skydiving season has come to an end. We will resume skydiving operations over the Biddeford Airport on May 20, 2023! We are currently booking reservations for the 2023 season via phone, text, and email (as well as our social channels). Contact us anytime to reserve your spot!

Skydiving gift cards are available year-round and make an amazing gift for Christmas, Birthdays, or just because! Give the gift of an adventure they’ll never forget!


The reservations fill up quickly for this awesome experience. Please email, text, or call to inquire and reserve your time slot!

Photos & Videos

Skydive Coastal Maine offers professional quality video and/or still photos of your skydive! Taken from the hand of the instructor, these photos and videos will give you a unique perspective to share with your family and friends! They will love to see your entire experience from start to finish (including on the ground prior to getting in the airplane), and will include images and video from the climb to altitude, your entire skydive, the parachute ride and landing. Plus (once finished) your video will be professionally edited (with music and effects) to give it a truly professional look! You won’t be disappointed with the awesome record of your skydive which will be available for you to share on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or whatever your preferred social media option is.

If our customers ever have a regret, it’s that they didn’t choose a video or photo package of their skydive. Remember.. “if it isn’t on video, it didn’t happen!!”.

Check Out Our Photos HERE!

See a sample of our finished videos below!